Lionel Messi

A Champion for the Planet

An iconic figure who transcends the boundaries of sports to lead a crusade towards a greener and more sustainable future.

Born in the vibrant city of Rosario, Argentina. Beyond his countless records and feats on the field, Messi is a man of noble heart and unwavering commitment.

His journey from the streets of Rosario to the pinnacle of world sports is an inspiration to millions, demonstrating that dreams can come true with dedication and passion.

Leo Messi

The Unbreakable Pact

The encounter between Messi and Join the Planet marks the beginning of a powerful and visionary alliance.

Together, we are leading a global movement towards sustainability and planet conservation.

Leveraging on Messi's global influence and our innovation, we are destined to inspire millions to join in the quest for a greener and more prosperous future and support the mission and projects of the Join the Planet Foundation.

This union represents a milestone in the history of environmental activism, demonstrating that when the stars align, change is inevitable.


Inspired by the urgency of addressing the environmental crisis

Messi channeled his concern for pollution in the Paraná River into a striking work of art. He created a sculpture of his iconic left boot, made from recycled materials from the Paraná and other regions of the world.

This masterpiece not only symbolizes his legacy in sports but also his commitment to environmental protection and empowering local communities.

Media and Press

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